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SIX is a tactical configuration game which ends up completely without a game plan. Step by step, the field takes shape by placing the hexagonal pieces next to each other. The aim is to place six pieces of your own colour in one of three winning configurations: a row, triangle or cross.
The red and black honeycomb pattern that spreads out between the two players has got it all. The challenger must always keep his opponent in view and at the same time, ‘knit’ his own victory, if possible, without being found out. 

For practised players, who put down all 38 pieces, the game goes into a second round. Now, the rules change, the excitement rises and the race is on to find out who will make the first six-series?
SIX is a hexagonal configuration game for brilliant lateral thinkers.

Game materials

38 wooden pieces

Game rules

Box 14 x 14 x 5.8 cm

For 2 players aged 9 years and above
Duration 10 – 30 mins.



Game author:

Steffen Mühlhäuser