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An unusual strategy game!

24 black, quadratic wooden tiles and 16 red and white pieces – KARO game materials are simple, practical and with aesthetic appeal. A game of fabulous versatility!
Wooden pieces can be configured to create an ever-changing game field. Due to the numerous ways of arranging the specially marked and crafted pieces, versatility is a key characteristic of this strategy game.
Change side, clear away the pieces or connect own-colour pieces on the migrating tiles – a new challenge is always possible for the players.


Rules include three different game versions which can all be played using the same game materials.

Extra link with more Karo versions (German only)

Game materials

24 wooden tiles
16 wooden pieces

Game rules

Box 14 x 14 x 5.8 cm

For 2 players
aged 9 years and above
Duration 10 – 20 mins.



Game author:

Steffen Mühlhäuser