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More than one hundred years ago, this was Lady McPherson’s favourite game. Now, PUSH makes a comeback to the game table and features a brand-new look!
Up to four players shoot their wooden discs from the edge of the board onto the field. The aim is to ‘pot’ the discs in the holes – but not all targets have the same score! The further away a hole is potted from the base line, the more points are won. Players must be dexterous and think strategically. Every disc that reaches the hole means it’s already occupied, and the number of available targets soon starts to diminish. To collect the most points, players need a steady hand, a cool head and sometimes a mean streak.

Additional rules for practised players make PUSH a real challenge
for all enthusiasts of skill-based games.

Game materials

Large wooden game board
(50 x 50 cm)
48 wooden discs

For game board:
a protective linen bag
For wooden discs:
extra linen drawstring bag

For 2 – 4 players
aged 8 years and above
Duration 10 – 30 mins.

Modelled on a traditional board game

Sorry – this game is currently sold out.

Available from March 2012.