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Black Cat

The shell game

Cheese, bacon, chocolate – the cat has hidden everything that mice love underneath his black shells. He invites the mice to a game, and they do not hesitate because they can win lots of cheese cubes.

The cat shuffles the shells and the mice search for delicacies. But take care! It would be better not to look underneath one of the counters.
BLACK CAT is an amusing and exciting memory game in which the mice must watch the paws of the cat very carefully.
The nicely crafted game materials made of wood stimulate players’ fantasy – everyone wants to be the cat at least once!

Game materials

5 black counters
5 game pieces
8 mice figures
40 cheese cubes
1 game rules
Box 14 x 14 cm

For 2 – 9 players
aged 4 years and above
Duration 10 – 20 mins.



Game author:
Steffen Mühlhäuser