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Scho k.O.

It’s all about chocolate – chocolate galore!

White and dark choco-pieces, the coveted prize pieces with red smarties – the dream of the biggest chocolate bar ever
is all to play for!
White and dark chocolate emporia fight for supremacy in the chocoverse! Which one will control the largest choco-territory?
In SCHO K.O., the sophisticated connection game with the sweet cards, two choc-strategists can watch their chocolate bars grow, though not before indulging their passion to sink their teeth into the opponent’s choco-pieces!

A second tier of chocolate pieces can be arranged – with surprising results! With skill, luck and lots of slick moves, you can rule the “Chocolate World”!

Game materials

128 chocolate pieces (non-edible)

Game rules

Box 14 x 14 x 3 cm

For 2 players
aged 8 years and above 
Duration 10 – 20 mins.



Game authors:
Andreas Kuhnekath and
Steffen Mühlhäuser