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... strategic thinking use your marbles!
KULAMI is a strategic connection game for two players
using an extended playing area.

Different sizes of wooden panels with specially crafted spaces for placing marbles are interconnected to create a single field. 
Each player attempts to win control over as many panels as possible by strategically positioning the marbles on a majority of free spaces on each wooden panel.

?KULAMI’s unique feature: each position builds on the preceding one. The last marble put down determines two possible rows for the next player to place his or her marble.

Strategic thinking according to these rules offers players more control over positioning each marble. It’s also easier to target those panels earmarked for placing the marbles and winning!?

In the advanced version, extra points are scored for winning intersecting rows as well as areas for players to consolidate.

The wooden panels can be repeatedly connected to create new fields. Each match in every game develops a unique dynamic.

?KULAMI challenges the grey cells. And it’s a pleasure to hold and behold thanks to exceptional quality materials!

Game materials

17 wooden panels
56 glass marbles

Game rules
Box 23 x 23 x 4.5 cm
For 2 players aged
9 years and above
Duration 20 – 30 mins.



Game author:
Andreas Kuhnekath


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