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Tasty & Nasty – The Chocolate Game

Dark, white and milk chocolate join in the contest to win the chocolate crown!
Who can arrange the tastiest chocolate pieces in adjacent layers? Who is nasty enough to keep nibbling opponents’ chocolate? Who has still got one of the coveted smarties at the end, and can make the deciding move?
SCHOKOLY is a connection game that needs skill. Things can also get nasty when lots of “sweet” cards are in play. Two to four ‘choc-o-strategists’ make even bigger chocolate bars in a bid to fend off choc-attacks from other varieties.
Four players, but only three chocolate varieties?? No problem! The same rules apply as for three players. Now, each player chooses a chocolate variety. Two players enter a duel or make a team of four to practise new tactics: the third chocolate variety is declared a ‘neutral’ colour. Skilfully surrounding the neutral zone with a player’s variety of chocolate pieces makes the creation of a personal choco-emporium possible!
Whoever wins control of the largest chocolate area
is crowned king of the sweetest empire!


Game materials

48 miniature cards
12 wooden smarties

Game rules
Box 14 x 21 x 3.5 cm
For 2 – 4 players
aged 9 years and above
Duration 20 – 30 mins.



Game author:

Steffen Mühlhäuser