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Simply take: one block...


We’ve all played with blocks as kids. We built towers and stairways, and we loved to topple them again. A great game!
Who would have thought you can also play complex strategy games with simple building blocks?
BLOCKS are the proof! All you need is a set of 40 beautiful wooden blocks in two colours. But the blocks are real puzzles – their special dimensions create the basis for two exciting building games. A tactical and haptic delight!


  Die BLOCKS-Spielvarianten


Kwinty – The Wall

Together, the players build a wall between them. Everything depends on the visible sides of the blocks. Each side of the block is equivalent to two identical squares – and that’s the whole point! The aim of the game is to arrange five “squares” in a personal colour sequence (horizontally, vertically or diagonally), while also obstructing the opponent’s series. Sound easy? It’s not – and that’s always true when two players share the same goal...

Turris – The Tower

Block by block, the tower stacks up between the players. A patchwork of light and dark blocks emerges on each of the four sides.
The players attempt to place the sides of their blocks in a continuous area that’s as big as possible, and to limit the opponent’s areas. But watch out! Every side of the tower is viewed and scored individually. The more skilfully the blocks are placed, the more points a player can collect.

Game Materials

40 blocks
1 felt game surface
game box 24 x 19 x 7 cm
For 2 persons aged 8 years and above
Game duration: 10 - 20 Min


Authors: Fred Horn & Steffen Mühlhäuser