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Steffen - Spiele



A game publisher with a difference


The games publisher Steffen-Spiele exclusively publishes its own innovative games or game ideas by a network of game author friends. Founded in 2003 by Steffen Mühlhäuser, a game author and graphic designer, the games publisher is meanwhile a firm favourite on the German game scene, while many aspects differentiate it from other game publishers.  

What makes the difference?!

Simple, timeless design is a hallmark of the game materials and box designs. We take care that the game materials – usually made of wood – provide longevity and functionality. Steffen Spiele are exclusively made in Germany. 


This enables us to support German companies and guarantees compliance with ecological and social standards during the production of our games.


Our game rules are easy to follow and offer a simple guide to understanding the point of the game. The game rules for all our games are available to browse on our website and to print out. 

Many of our boxes contain more than one game. Our passion is to use a single set of game materials to play a number of game variants.


Our game boxes are more compact than others – and for good reason. All boxes are tailor-made for the game content and to avoid vacuum-packed wasted space. That not only makes sense ecologically, but the compact size makes Steffen-Spiele games ideal travel companions.


Steffen Spiele are only available to purchase from specialist retailers or from our web shop. We have deliberately chosen not to sell our games on Amazon or similar merchant websites. 


Have fun with our games, with warm regards from


Steffen Mühlhäuser