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The small wooden skittle was still standing on its disc. After a skilful puck shot the disc slides away, while the skittle remains proudly standing on the tabletop! It’s down to the law of inertia – and, of course, the shooter’s skill.

At the start of the match, ‘all ten’ proudly stand on their round disc-plinths. Ready for the first puck-shot at the discs!
The player who shoots a disc from under a skittle, yet without making it fall over, is allowed to collect the free skittle. If the skittles tumble, the shooter goes away empty-handed. The round of flick shots continues until the highest scoring red skittle is collected.
SCHNIPP-TRICK is an entertaining and exciting skittles match. The smoother the table, the faster the puck glides!

Game materials


10 wooden skittles
11 wooden discs

For 2–5 players from age 8
Duration: approx. 20 mins.


Author: Torsten Marold