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Arranging miniature letter cards like a crossword creates a word grid – it’s a familiar game pattern.
In WÖRTERKLAUER the unique thing is that every card features the same letter on the front and back – once in red, and once in black.
While one player makes red words, his opponent’s words are in black. But completed words are unsafe! If rearranging or adding one letter alters the meaning of a completed word, the colour flips and the author changes too. The stakes are all or nothing for every turn. The player whose turn it is next must either modify or extend the word grid, so the field has at least one more letter of his colour than his opponent’s colour.

The game revolves around the creative use of words: players strategically snatch words to turn the tide.
WÖRTERKLAUER is an enthralling challenge for all crossword aficionados.

Game materials

96 mini letter cards

For 2 players from age 10 
Duration: 30–60 mins.

Author: Alex Randolph