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Give me FIVE!

An initiative from games publisher Steffen-Spiele

In recent months thousands of people have fled their home countries to seek protection in Germany.
Of course, taking care of basic needs is a priority, but people in crisis situations require not only essential provisions. Social and cultural activities are as much part of human existence as food and a roof over one’s head.
The reaction to games donations and initiatives, which we have organized in refugee reception centres, has proven that there is a great need for people to take a break from routine and enjoy fun and recreation.
One of the acute problems at accommodation centres is boredom.
Here, people spend most of the day waiting. A game is an ideal way to make waiting times seem a lot shorter!

We take pride in being games experts. We would like to contribute our experience as a games publisher and realize an ambitious idea.
We have created a practical game box which contains a collection of five different games. A set of durable counters in two colours enables children and adults to play games. The box should contain a rule booklet with translations into all major languages spoken at reception centres. FIVE! is to be a high volume edition that will be distributed free of charge at refugee accommodation and reception centres as well as other institutions.


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How you can support our initiative Give me FIVE!

The five games featured in “FIVE!” are already on the table. We are supported by a manufacturer with the capacity to produce a high number of games at short notice. With the German Guide and Scout Association (BDP) we have also attracted a partner willing to give their expertise and to help supervise the project. But we still need help to turn such an ambitious non-profit initiative of this size into reality.


We’re appealing for:

  • Sponsors and Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fensterfinancial support
  • Translators to volunteer a free translation service to produce game rules in Arabic, Dari and Urdu
  • Volunteers to pledge their support with related logistics work: Media and PR work, fundraising, publicity for the initiative on social media networks


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