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der vier Elemente

FIRE, WATER, EARTH and AIR – the symbolic four elements are evoked in the wizards’ competition to brew the most powerful magic potion. All the ingredients, which are needed to make the elixir, are arranged in a magic hexagon: toadstools, spiders’ webs, dew drops and many others and, of course, the essential tools like a mortar and pestle, bellows, magic wand or the book of magic spells.

With the help of the moving wizards’ hats, the players can collect the valuable objects, so gradually dissolving the game field as they make their moves.  Large and small islands are formed that can only be accessed by smart jumps with the wizards’ hats.


Each go, it is important to think carefully about which of the four hats to move, since many objects are essential; besides, there are coveted power stones for particular combinations. Whoever can hypnotize fellow players at the right moment can make a big catch. 

When the hexagon is emptied of all the ingredients, it becomes obvious who has brewed the strongest potion.


Zaubertrank der vier Elemente (Magic Potion of the Four Elements) is a tactical collection game with artful game materials that demands from the players a good overview, skillful timing and sometimes a hint of meanness.


Two game variants for advanced players use powerful element discs and secret mission cards to make the rounds even more enthralling.


Game materials

84 multicolour motif discs

11 black discs

32 power stones (wooden)

27 cards

4 figures (wooden wizards’ hats)

1 cotton bag


Game box 33 x 24 x 4.5 cm

For 2 – 4 players from age 10

Duration 40 – 60 mins.


Game authors: René Puttin, Steffen Mühlhäuser


Illustrations, cover design: Benjamin König