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The playing area comprises seven bamboo sticks laid side by side. The pathways start and finish in front of and behind the sticks. 2 x 12 pieces are placed in position and the challenge can begin.

Each player attempts to move his/her pieces across to the other side of the field as quickly as possible. The trick: the distance each piece can travel gets nearer and further away depending on the number of pieces travelling with a player in each respective row. If you are skilful enough to plan in advance, it’s possible to advance across the entire board!

The name of the game in Linja is to make the best of an ever-changing configuration. 

At the end, as soon as the black and red pieces have moved past each other, the players count up who collected the most sticks.
LINJA is a tactical challenge game with simple game materials and often a surprising outcome.

Game materials

24 pieces
7 bamboo sticks

Game rules

Box 24.3 x 6 x 3 cm

For 2 players
aged 8 years and above
Duration 10 – 20 mins.



Game author:

Steffen Mühlhäuser