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Bluff  Gamble Outfox 


A poker game with dice for 3–7 players age 8 years up


Triangle, circle, square – the dice tell how often each symbol should be shown in the round of strategic offers. All players choose their symbols in secret.

When their hands are opened, the score is counted. Now, it’s obvious who has outfoxed his opponents and is allowed to hand over his counter. Whoever overdoes it, or doesn’t risk enough, must take back his counter. A new round, a new challenge – the player who got rid of all his counters is the poker king!

POK is a sly, entertaining game of bluff for everybody who likes to think outside the box.

Game materials made of wood:


3 special dice  42 game counters

game box 11 x 11 x 3.5 cm

duration 10 mins.

game author: Kasper Lapp