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The fox and the hare, the owl, hedgehog and a hefty wild boar are meeting to play hide and seek. To throw us off the trail, this time all the animals hide together – the hare behind the fox, the hedgehog behind the wild boar and owl behind the hare.

Sometimes they switch positions just to fool us! The name of the game is to stay alert and be observant. The player who turns over the right tokens to find all four animals of the same family keeps the wooden tokens as the main prize.

FIND FOUR is an intriguing memory game with
beautifully produced wooden game materials.

Game materials

16 wooden discs
36 wooden tokens
1 cotton bag
10 picture cards
1 game rules

For 2 to 6 players
aged 5 years and above
Duration 10 –  20 mins.



Game author:
Jacques Zeimet