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In November 2015, games publisher Steffen-Spiele teamed up with its partner BDP Rheinland Pfalz (German Scout Association) to launch a funding appeal for a project called Give me FIVE! to raise money for a special project: A games collection for refugees. At the time, hundreds of thousands of refugees were housed in reception centres; the people often waited for weeks before their situation changed. Every diversion and every sign of welcome was gratefully received.




We developed a practical game box with five different games for children and adults. In recognition of the language barrier, the box also contained translations of the rules in English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Tigrinya.

The campaign was an incredible success! In just a few weeks we managed to collect donations worth 40,000 euros and funded a first edition of 9,000 games. By early May 2016, all the games from this edition were distributed throughout Germany to relief organizations for refugees. The response has been resoundingly positive!


The current situation

The days of overcrowded reception centres are now over, and the topic of refugees has largely disappeared from the public eye. Nevertheless, almost daily we receive enquiries with a request for free games from clubs, community initiatives, authorities and private individuals. Many volunteers and professionals involved with refugee organizations now use FIVE! for their integration work with individual refugees. FIVE! is also a favourite resource for language teaching, in afternoon classes for overseas pupils, in meeting centres etc.

To continue to meet the high demand, we marketed the games collection using the slogan: Buy 1 game = Gift 1 game. The proceeds from the sale of a single game reserve enough money to fund another free game.