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For the duration of a game, we leave the table where we are seated – or a room and even the house!


We enter a different world. We experience a different time zone. Gravity is suspended and new rules prevail.

A more exciting game makes for a more adventurous journey. Skill, patience and audacity as well as steely nerves and luck on our side help us attain our goal. Maybe we’ll be the first to finish the journey? Returning to our table, we’re tired but exhilarated – that’s usually the way things are after this kind of journey! We came face to face with something new, and maybe we even discovered a novel side of ourselves.



Anyone who plays a game is transported to a different world – another place.

For the ancient Egyptians, this was a sacred place where they encountered the Gods: they always took a hand in the game. The oldest surviving game boards, dating back about 3,000 years, were discovered in ancient Egypt. According to an old Egyptian legend, time devoted to the art of play is not wasted, but bestowed as a gift from the Gods to prolong human life. So play is not only the most economic form of travel, but also the most pleasurable and simplest way to enjoy a long and happy life.


Join us on our journey!