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“Game author and publisher, Steffen Mühlhäuser is quietly proud of celebrating his first anniversary this year. And this year also marks a publishing record: over the past five years, Mühlhäuser and his small publishing house have released twenty-one of their own games – fourteen already earned recommendations from the “spiel gut” association.

His games always demonstrate an uncompromising desire for clear-cut and simple design. From game field to game figures: his game materials are always made of wood and to the highest quality of craftsmanship. He uses colour as a playful and charming counterpoint to clean finishes and clearly defined structures. …”


Bernward Thole

Oberhessische Presse

“... To stay on the subject of this publisher: not only the game contents are made of wood, but the look and advertising media need not shy away from comparison and the games are also highly recommended for their originality and excellent quality. Half a dozen games have been launched as finished products and not just prototypes. The new games included a very appealing labyrinthine board game in the upper price bracket, as well as more affordable games such as “Linja”, a game for two players in a lower price category.”


Arno Miller

Die Spielewiese

“... Steffen Mühlhäuser and his publishing house “Steffen Spiele” are newcomers to the game scene. Only founded in 2003, the publisher’s debut collection already featured several high quality and fascinating wooden games. The first impression is their aesthetic beauty: all the games are crafted from wood and other natural materials and are a special delight thanks to their design. ...”


Karsten Peters

Donau Kurier

“... Steffen Mühlhäuser has graced the market for abstract games since 2003. His debut appearance at the SPIEL toy fair in Essen made it clear that the lengthy preparation period was well worth it. The launch collection offers nine new games as part of an extensive publishing programme. All products are convincing thanks to the combination of pleasing haptic and optical design with the games’ consistent fun value and intellectual challenges.

It is fascinating to note how Mühlhäuser achieves this! Maybe it’s because he consciously rejects any kind of trendy game themes and exposes the skeleton of each game to develop a unique charm by paring down to the essentials. ...”


Wieland Herold

Jury member of “Spiel des Jahres”